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RSE-TECH company is engaged in designing and running computer systems dedicated to industrial automation, that work with additional systems (ie. web services, database systems) and communication technologies, ie. OPC (OLE for Process Control).

Services include:

  • Performing SCADA/HMI projects for the visualization of industrial processes,
  • Designing information systems for laboratory workstations (e-learning),
  • Designing mobile applications for Android smartphones, which allow the device to remotely control technological processes,
  • Designing information systems, which include the client applications and servers,
  • Designing communication protocols,
  • Designing compilers of object-oriented programming language and virtual machines that execute intermediate code. Services may include the creation of a compiler for PLC programming. The compiler would process a script-suitable, programming language in native code executable by a PLC processor,
  • Designing interfaces for controlling, processing, reading and writing information, such as:
    • Standard controls: buttons, lists, elements to choose values, text and number editors, etc.,
    • Text editors dedicated to the appropriate programming language, ie. Java, C ++, Delphi language, VB, SQL, etc.,
    • Equation editor,
    • Table editor,
    • Vector graphics editor with the ability to scale and print,
    • Components for controlling the operation application interface,
    • Components to: capture images from computer cameras, communication interface RS232, compress data, etc.,
    • Components customized to the customerís needs.

RSE-TECH company is also a distributor of the Windows-based IT system. The primary component of the system is a web server executing processes via HTTP. The server can be used to control and read industrial-process images. Monitoring the process variables can be done in a variety of forms based on predetermined HTML capabilities.